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St. Paul American school strives to provide a comprehensive counseling program supporting all students in gaining academic, college/career, social, and emotional skills to aid them in becoming productive global citizens. All students will participate in classroom, group, and/or individual lessons and activities that foster community and healthy relationships amongst students, staff, and the greater St. Paul community. We currently have 1 counselor for Elementary and 3 for Secondary (1 Counselor and 2 College & Career Counselors).

School Health Center

The School Health Center (SHC) is open Monday through Friday 7:45 am to 5:00 pm and sometimes on weekends for events and games with three qualified nurses on staff. The SHC also monitors daily air quality (AQI) on campus and notifies all staff & students via email notifications. To ensure student health, the school has air purifiers and AC units in every classroom as AQI can be a concern living in Hanoi. 

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