• English

Ms. Macara Oshida

Ms. Macara Oshida was born in California, raised in Virginia, and then headed south to earn a bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Clemson University. Once there, she realized that teaching could combine her love for English with her passion for helping others, so she added a degree in Secondary Education. For her eighth year as an educator, Ms. Oshida is delighted to join the SPASH faculty as a High School English Language Arts teacher. Prior to arriving in Hanoi, Ms. Oshida taught ELA in American public schools, as well as at international schools in Guanzhou and Xiamen, China. She’s taught a variety of English courses, including A Level, IB, and AP Language and Literature.
When Ms. Oshida isn’t teaching or grading essays, she loves coaching and playing volleyball. An athlete at heart, she enjoys activities that get her moving—including paddleboarding, hiking, and snowboarding.