• English

Mr. Roman Alokhin

Mr. Roman comes from New Orleans, USA, and is delighted to begin his second year in St. Paul’s middle school SPELL team. He holds a master’s degree in Management Information Systems and started his carrier as an IT professional for a major US manufacturing company. After eight years of overseeing a corporate network, Mr. Roman decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer. During his photographic career at an art museum, Mr. Roman documented the museum’s activities in collaboration with New Orleans public schools and enjoyed working with children immensely. He went back to school and earned a teaching license in ESOL.
In his classroom, students are respected and appreciated for their individualities and cultures.
Mr. Roman believes it’s possible to achieve anything you put your mind to, as long as you have the passion and are willing to work for it.
His interests include experiencing new places, cultures, and the arts.