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Dr. Gary Weston

Dr. Gary Weston is excited to continue to teach SPASH students to the highest level during his second year here. He will be teaching AP Physics, Physics, and Astronomy classes this year. Since getting his PhD from UCLA, Dr. Gary has been teaching physics, math, and astronomy for the past 33 years. He is honored to develop a new astronomy program at SPASH. He believes that SPASH astronomy students will be the first high school students in Vietnam to calculate the age of the universe. He is also elated to assist AP Physics students to a high level of success on AP Physics 1 exam, later in the year, and in prepearing students for univeristy physics. He will also be helping AP Physics students prepare for other AP Physics exams that they may be taking on their own. In Physics class, Dr. Gary will provide students with an overview of general physics and prepare them for future AP Physics courses at SPASH and their university study of physics. In all of his classes, Dr. Gary will emphasize physics and astronomy concepts, problem solving, performing experiments, students developing explanations and communicating what they learn.