• English

Mr. Cody Showalter

Cody (Mr. Cody) is extremely happy to be a part of the St. Paul community. He comes from the United States, he is from the state of Hawaii but also spent much of his childhood in Oregon and around the west coast. He loves sports, especially American football and basketball, as well he loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible. He is passionate about traveling and living in new places, he has been to over 45 countries and has lived and taught in South Korea and China before coming to Vietnam.

Cody has been teaching for almost 12 years and has a Master’s in Education. He has a United States teaching license from his home state of Hawaii for Social Studies grades 6-12 and a real passion for teaching social studies subjects. He has teaching experience at nearly every level and is excited to continue teaching and helping his students succeed here at St. Paul.