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Parent Group

PALs: Parents As Leaders

✫What is PALs?

Parents as Leaders (PALs) is a parent-led organization within our school community. The purpose of the group is to create opportunities for school and community leaders to improve our school, plan community events and to create an organization that is representative of our student population so that all parents feel welcome. It is open to everyone in our school community and all parents are considered full members!

✫PAL Positions

Grade Representatives

Each grade will have a grade-level representative that will serve as a direct point of contact for the parents and families in the same grade (classroom for elementary students). For example, if a parent of a student feels that safety regulations need to be updated, they can contact their grade level representative to ensure the topic is discussed at the next PALs meeting.


Elementary School President, Middle School President and High School President

The Grade Representatives in each school will elect one person from their group to serve as the school’s (elementary, middle or high) president. The school president’s responsibilities include making a list of discussion topics that have been provided by the Grade Representatives and meet with the Executive Director. They’ll also act as a leader for the Grade Reps.


Find Out How to Join!

If you’re a current parent of a St. Paul Hanoi student, please email executive.director@stpaulhanoi.com to find out more about PALs and how to join!