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Online Safety

Online Safety

This month our Middle Schoolers partook in an online safety presentation where we learned different ways to protect ourselves and be mindful online. 

We plan to host similar sessions for the entire community, including parents in the coming weeks.

Here are some tips for Protecting Kids’ Privacy Online

  1. Use privacy settings – talk about why you keep certain information private or limited to a small group.
  2. Read the fine print – find the privacy policy of your kid’s favorite app and read it together. Is it clear or complicated? Can you tell what information the company collects and what they do with it?
  3. Discuss online scams, clickbait, and “special offers” – Have either of you ever received a fishy email or text? What tipped you off? Discuss the telltale signs of a hoax, including poor grammar, misspellings, Photoshopped images, and close-but-not-exact company logos.
  4. Understand how tech companies make money – With your child, research how digital devices, social media platforms, and apps and games get paid. Do they sell ads? Do they sell kids’ data? What steps can you take to limit the amount of data you share while still using the platforms?