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St. Paul Hanoi students are required to wear a clean and complete school uniform at all times, unless they are involved in an activity which requires them to change. They must change back to the uniform immediately following this activity. 

When students are not in uniforms, the following must apply:

  • A student shall dress and behave in a manner that does not distract or detract from the educational process or result in damage to school facilities. Dress and personal grooming should be clean and should conform to health standards.
  • Due to St. Paul American School’s multicultural environment, students must be sensitive to the beliefs of others, including ways of dress associated with other cultures and religions. The school reserves the right to determine what acceptable dress is. Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to; low cut or cropped tops which expose the midriff, shorts and skirts shorter than 6” above the knee, clothing bearing messages or logos relating to alcohol, drugs, sex, and gang-related clothing. Caps and hats may not be worn in school.

Students deemed by the school administration to be dressed inappropriately will be required to change into acceptable clothing or leave school for that day. Any absences due to inappropriate dress are considered unexcused. Repeated violations of this policy may lead to disciplinary action.

Daily Uniform (Mondays-Thursdays)

TOPS – Navy blue/red St. Paul polo shirt*

BOTTOMS – Khaki colored (beige) shorts/pants

FEET – Tennis shoes/Sneakers with shoe laces OR Velcro


Friday Uniform (Casual day):

TOPS – Grey or Blue St. Paul T-shirt OR official St. Paul Athletic Uniform*

BOTTOMS – blue/black shorts/pants OR  khaki colored (beige) shorts/pant

FEET – Tennis shoes/Sneakers with shoe laces OR Velcro


Physical Education Uniform:

TOPS – 1. Grey St. Paul T-shirt OR Blue St. Paul T-shirt, OR New PE Shirt

BOTTOMS – New PE Shorts

FEET – Tennis shoes with shoe laces OR Velcro