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Enrollment Process

  How to Inquire

Prospective families who have an interest in St. Paul Hanoi:

Please fill out the Inquiry Form

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Contact us directly at St. Paul Hanoi through our Admissions Office normal business hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 16:00) by phone +84 24 3399 6464 or email admissions@stpaulhanoi.com




  How to Apply
Step 1 – Complete Application & Supporting Documents (please see Policies & Forms page)

– Once all documents have been submitted to the Admissions Department (admissions@stpaulhanoi.com), families pay the:

Application and Assessment Fee 4.220.000 VND*

*Application Fee payment can be paid on scheduled test day by cash or credit card. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable and only valid for the current academic year in which the applicant applies..

Step 2 Admissions Assessments

– On completing the assessments, the Admissions Director will, with the admissions committee’s consideration, provide feedback as to enrollment. Assessments are used to place students in their appropriate grade/class levels as well as providing a baseline for future measures of growth. We will evaluate each applicant based on:

    • English proficiency (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
    • Math proficiency
    • Academic records of past three years
    • Letters of recommendation from current school
Step 3 Decisions Regarding Acceptance

– The Admissions Committee will make decisions of acceptance based on the above data. They will evaluate the assessments, determine academic potential and consider the needs of the child.

– If accepted, placement will be determined by the administration based on assessment data and space available in the program.

– Acceptance decisions are made within 7 working days following the completion of the admissions assessments, review of student’s academic records and letters of recommendation.

Step 4 Acceptance

– Approximately one week after taking the admission assessments, the Admissions Office will send an Official Letter of Acceptance signed by School Principal to the parents/guardian.

– If the student is accepted, parents should confirm by return email and send the letter back to the school, then pay the Enrollment Fee of VND 22,100,000(this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable)

– Within 5 working days, if no confirmation has been made by the parents the Official Letter of Acceptance will expire and the school may reserve that place for other students.

– Before the student joins St. Paul Hanoi, parents must submit all of the following documents to the school:

    • Photocopy of student’s passport or birth certificate
    • Photocopy of parents’ passports
Step 5 Payment of tuition and other fees

– The payment of the Tuition and Other Fees must be paid before attending the first class.

– The enrollment fee is non-refundable. This enrollment fee is paid only once, as long as student is continuously enrolled. If the student leaves St. Paul Hanoi for a period for more than two years and subsequently re-enrolls, the Enrollment Fee is applicable once again.

Contact: admissions@stpaulhanoi.com | +84 24 3399 6464

Admissions Director, Mrs. Thuy (for English, Korean & German)

Admissions Assistant, Mrs. Diep (for Vietnamese & English)