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Admissions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Families

How do I apply?

Option 1: Download application forms (Application form, Teacher recommendation form, Health check form, Document checklist) from school website, complete the forms, scan and send them to admissions@stpaulhanoi.com

Option 2: You can send the applications in person to the Admissions officer in B101


– Applications can be submitted at any time of the school year

– New students recruitment is occurring according to each Quarter:


Q1: 12 Aug 2019

Q2: 28 Oct 2019

Q3: 3 Feb 2020

Q4: 6 April 2020

– Recruitment ends 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the following Quarter

– Please email admissions@stpaulhanoi.com for questions and seat availabilities

Do students take an entrance test?

Yes, all students are required to take an entry test in English that covers listening, speaking, reading, writing, and math.

Does St. Paul have an ESL program?

Yes, we have our own ESL program called SPELL (St. Paul English Language Learning) which is offered for students from Grade 1 up to Grade 10. There is no extra fee charged for this service as it is offered as a regular class.

What are the school hours?

– Instructional start time: 8:15AM (Mondays-Fridays)

– Instructional end time: 3:15PM (MondayTuesdayThursdayFriday)

– Instructional end time: 2:15PM (Wednesdays)

– Afterschool program (“Beyond”): 3:15-4:15PM (MondayTuesdayThursdayFriday)

Elementary school: 2 days mandatory, 2 days optional

Secondary school: 4 days optional

Do you offer AP courses?

Yes, we currently offer 15 AP courses for 2019-20 school year, which are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus AB, Statistics, English Literature & Composition, English Language & Composition, World History, Psychology, Chinese, French, Spanish, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Human Geography

All AP courses are free of charge.

Do you have counseling services?

Yes, we have 4 counselors who will support children and families.
1 Counselor, Ms. Catherine Di Leo
1 Counselor, Ms. Liz De Franco
2 College & Career Counselors, Mr. Chuckie Carver & Mr. Jay Park

Does the school offer bus and lunch services?

Yes, most of our school buses are 16 seat buses with seatbelts and 1 bus monitor per bus. Our cafeteria offers a daily choice of Western and Asian meals for children and staff that are nutritionally balanced.

Do students wear school uniforms?

Yes, our students wear a formal uniform that consists of beige or black-colored pants or skirts with our approved uniform polos in either navy or maroon with the official school logo.
Students wear this formal uniform on special events. Daily dress uniform includes all clothes with the school official logo/name with beige-colored khaki pants/skirts or the PE pants.

What are your High School graduation requirements?

Our High School program is from Grade 9-12. Students must complete at least 44 credits (1 credit=1 semester=60 hours of class) in English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, PE, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Electives in the 4 years of their High School to receive the High School graduation diploma.
If students receive an F, they must take an online course to make up this Grade.

What countries do the students come from?

Our student population is very diverse with 20+ different nationalities.

Do you enforce the English speaking at your school?

Yes, we have a policy called PLACE (Policy for Language Aquisition and Community Excellence). The policy outlines when and where to use English and their first language (L1).
The default language of instruction and student interaction in all classes is English. Students are allowed to utilize their L1 for clarification of content or instructions during class time when permitted by the teacher. Teachers have the individual discretion to intentionally incorporate opportunities for students to utilize their L1 for the purpose of clarification and/or explanation.
The default language of social interaction in classrooms is English. During non-class time (before school, passing periods, lunch, after school), students are permitted to use their L1. However, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that students use English in order to accomplish the goals stated previously.
Goals of PLACE
1) To optimize exposure and opportunity to practice and improve English skills.
2) To ensure an inclusive and welcoming school community.

Do you use textbooks?

Yes, textbooks are managed by our school library. Textbooks will be distributed to students prior to their 1st day of school and are included in tuition costs. However, parents may pay the compensation fee if your child loses or damages their books.

Do you have health care services for students?

Yes, we have a Student Health Center (SHC) that’s goal is to take care of children’s health and safety. Staffed at the SHC are 3 certified nurses from America and Vietnam.

What extracurricular activities do you have?

Our extracurricular activities are called Beyond & Beyond Plus. Beyond is taught during regular school hours by St. Paul Hanoi teachers. Beyond + Plus is afterschool where students have the opportunity to participate in high quality activities provided by our external partners from all over Hanoi. See examples of classes below.
Elementary: STEAM Studio, Beginning Piano, Drama, Chess, Book Club, Dance, Ukulele, Sewing, Origami, Girls Running, Outdoor Sports, Exploring Caligraphy, Archery, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Tennis, Martial Arts + Taekwondo, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.
Secondary: Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Yearbook, GIN (Global International Network), SPEAK, MUN, Moviemaking, Creative Dance, Art, Newspaper, Lab Assistant, Roleplaying, Golf, Fencing, Archery, Chinese, etc.
*Some of these classes may have additional fees.

Are all your teachers from the USA?

No, but over 90% are certified teachers from the US. The remaining percentage are comprised of Foreign Language Teachers, Vietnamese Teachers, 1-2% from European countries, and Vietnamese Teaching Assistants in Elementary.